Case No. EA-2016-0358 Click to see public comments for this case
Company Name(s) IBEW Local Union 2-(All)
Wind on the Wires-(All)
The Wind Coalition-(All)
Grain Belt Express Clean Line, LLC-(Electric)
IBEW Local Union No. 53-(All)
Renew Missouri Advocates-(All)
Renew Missouri-(All)
Grain Belt Express, LLC-Investor(Electric)
Style of Case Style of Case
Tracking No. BCOM-2016-0111, BCOM-2016-0153, BCOM-2016-0163, BCOM-2016-0164, EM-2019-0150, EN-2020-0385
Status Closed
Assigned Judge Woodruff Morris
Assigned Attorney Aslin Casi, Dottheim Steve, Mers Nicole, Myers Jamie, Thompson Kevin
Consolidated To  
Consolidated From
Appealed To APED105923, APED105931, APED105932, APED105975, APED106023, APED107886, APSC96755, APSC96993, APSC98338, APWD80544, APWD81093, APWD82842

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Item No. Date Filed Title of Filing Filed on Behalf Of In Response to Item No.
348/30/2016Application of Grain Belt Express Clean Line LLC for a Certificate of Convenience and NecessityGrain Belt Express Clean Line, LLC-(Electric)
338/8/2016Notice of Communication (Chairman Daniel Y. Hall, Commissioners Stephen M. Stoll, William P. Kenney, Scott T. Rupp, and Miada J. Coleman)Commission-(All)
328/3/2016Order Regarding Request For Partial WaiverCommission-(All)
318/3/2016Notice of Extra Record Contact (Morris L. Woodruff, Secretary of the Commission)Commission-(All)
307/13/2016Order Rejecting FilingCommission-(All)
297/12/2016Request for Partial Waiver of the 60-Day Notice RequirementGrain Belt Express Clean Line, LLC-(Electric)
287/12/2016Notice of Intended Case FilingGrain Belt Express Clean Line, LLC-(Electric)
277/12/2016Order Denying Waiver and Directing The Secretary to Reject ApplicationCommission-(All)
267/11/2016Request For Waiver of Commission RulesMissouri Landowners Alliance-(All)
257/11/2016Response of the Missouri Landowners Alliance to the Response of Grain Belt Express to Motion to Dismiss ApplicationMissouri Landowners Alliance-(All)

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