Case No. ER-2010-0355 Click to see public comments for this case
Company Name(s) Kansas City Power & Light Company-Investor(Electric)
Style of Case Style of Case
Tracking No. BLWR-2011-1459, BLWR-2011-1475, EC-2011-0303, EO-2010-0259, ER-2010-0356, ER-2011-0004, ER-2012-0024, ER-2012-0174, ER-2012-0175, ET-2012-0017, JE-2010-0692, JE-2010-0693, YE-2011-0523, YE-2011-0524, YE-2011-0534
Status Closed
Assigned Judge Pridgin Ron
Assigned Attorney Williams Nathan, Dottheim Steve, Hernandez Jennifer
Consolidated To  
Consolidated From
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Item No. Date Filed Title of Filing Filed on Behalf Of In Response to Item No.
11045/20/2011Concurring Opinion of Commissioner Terry M. Jarrett in the Report and OrderCommission-(All)
11034/27/2011Order Approving Tariffs in Compliance with Commission Report and OrderCommission-(All)
11024/27/2011Order Denying Applications for RehearingCommission-(All)
11014/26/2011Staff Recommendation to Approve Tariff SheetsMO PSC Staff-(All)
11004/26/2011Kansas City Power & Light Company's Response to Applications for Rehearing Filed by Office of Public Counsel and Midwest Energy Users' AssociationKansas City Power & Light Company-Investor(Electric)
1090 1091
10994/26/2011Tariff Revision Page (YE-2011-0534)Kansas City Power & Light Company-Investor(Electric)
10984/26/2011Motion for Expedited Consideration and Approval of Tariff Sheet Filed in Compliance With Commission Order on Less Than Thirty Days' NoticeKansas City Power & Light Company-Investor(Electric)
10974/26/2011Substitute Tariff Sheet (YE-2011-0523) Kansas City Power & Light Company-Investor(Electric)
10964/25/2011Staff Response to Objection to Tariff SheetsMO PSC Staff-(All)
10954/25/2011Order Setting Deadline for ResponsesCommission-(All)

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