Missouri Public Service Commission
 Existing Case Filing
Case No. EO-2019-0132
Style of Case In the Matter of Kansas City Power & Light Company's Notice of Intent to File an Application for Authority to Establish a Demand-Side Programs Investment Mechanism
Type of Filing/Submission Other
Testimony Issue N/A
Testimony Sub Issue1 N/A
Testimony Sub Issue2 N/A
Filing on behalf of Kansas City Power & Light Company-Investor(Electric)
Related case and/or tracking numbers JE-2019-0104, YE-2019-0103
Title of Filing/Submission MEEIA Cycle 3 2019–2022 Filing (Public and Confidential)
Clear and Concise Statement of Relief Requested MEEIA Cycle 3 2019–2022 Filing
Indicate Cite for Commission Authority 4 CSR 240-2.080
Is this Filing/Submission to meet a scheduled deadline for today? No
Is this a Response to Previous Filing in this case? No
Date Filed 11/29/2018 10:26:19 PM