Missouri Public Service Commission
 Existing Case Filing
Case No. AW-2020-0356
Style of Case In the Matter of a Working Case to Consider Best Practices for Recovery of Past-Due Utility Customer Payments After the Covid-19 Pandemic Emergency
Type of Filing/Submission Staff Report
Testimony Issue N/A
Testimony Sub Issue1 N/A
Testimony Sub Issue2 N/A
Filing on behalf of MO PSC Staff-(All)
Related case and/or tracking numbers N/A
Title of Filing/Submission Staff Report on Utility Data Request Responses and Request for Extension for Remaining Reports
Clear and Concise Statement of Relief Requested Staff respectfully submits its report for the Commission’s knowledge and consideration, and requests that the Commission extend the filing date for the remaining reports in this docket from the 15th of every month to the 22nd.
Indicate Cite for Commission Authority N/A
Is thisFiling/Submission to meet a scheduled deadline for today? Yes
Is this a Response to Previous Filing in this case? No
Date Filed 10/15/2020 5:09:13 PM