Case No. AW-2020-0148
Company Name(s) Office of the Public Counsel-(All)
Style of Case Style of Case
Tracking No.  
Status Open
Assigned Judge Woodruff Morris
Assigned Attorney Vandergriff Eric, Irving Ron, Myers Jamie
Consolidated To  
Consolidated From
Appealed To

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Item No. Date Filed Title of Filing Filed on Behalf Of In Response to Item No.
413/7/2022Order Inviting Participation in Case StudyCommission-(All)
403/7/2022Order Granting Motion to PublishCommission-(All)
393/4/2022Motion to Establish Deadline for Participation in a Voluntary One-Month Case StudyOffice of the Public Counsel-(All)
383/4/2022Motion to Publish Recording of Second Virtual WorkshopOffice of the Public Counsel-(All)
371/31/2022Order Rescheduling Second WorkshopCommission-(All)
361/28/2022Notice Regarding New Date for Second WorkshopOffice of the Public Counsel-(All)
351/25/2022Order Postponing Second WorkshopCommission-(All)
341/24/2022Motion for Commission Order Cancelling Second WorkshopOffice of the Public Counsel-(All)
3312/17/2021Order Scheduling a Second Workshop MeetingCommission-(All)
3212/10/2021Response of Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren MissouriAmeren Missouri-Investor(Electric)
Union Electric Company-Investor(Electric)

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