Case No. GR-2022-0179 Click to see public comments for this case
Company Name(s) Spire Missouri, Inc.-Investor(Gas)
Style of Case Style of Case
Tracking No. GR-2022-0179, YG-2022-0244
Status Open
Assigned Judge Clark John
Assigned Attorney Stokes Curtis, Thompson Kevin, Vandergriff Eric, Aslin Casi, Cosper Don, Graham Paul, Irving Ron, Kerr Carolyn, Myers Jamie, Stacey Scott
Consolidated To  
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Item No. Date Filed Title of Filing Filed on Behalf Of In Response to Item No.
628/9/2022Joint Response to Order Directing Responses Regarding Local Public HearingMO PSC Staff-(All)
Office of the Public Counsel-(All)
Spire Missouri, Inc.-Investor(Gas)
618/1/2022Entry of Appearance (Lawrence)Vicinity Energy Kansas City, Inc.-(Steam/Heat)
607/29/2022Motion for Leave to Withdraw and Entry of Appearance (Lawrence)Vicinity Energy Kansas City, Inc.-(Steam/Heat)
597/29/2022Order Directing Responses Regarding Local Public HearingCommission-(All)
587/27/2022Submission of Proposed Language for Public Hearing NoticeMO PSC Staff-(All)
577/20/2022Spire Missouri's Response to the Commission's Order Setting Deadlines for Local Public Hearing Recommendations and any Proposed Language for Local Public Hearing NoticesSpire Missouri, Inc.-Investor(Gas)
567/20/2022Notice of Letters in Support of In-Person Local Public HearingsConsumers Council of Missouri-(All)
557/20/2022Entry of Appearance (Jarrett)Missouri School Boards' Association-(All)
547/20/2022Staff Recommendation Regarding Local Public HearingsMO PSC Staff-(All)
537/19/2022Entry of Appearance (Arias)Spire Missouri, Inc.-Investor(Gas)

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