Case No. WC-2021-0075
Company Name(s) Missouri-American Water Company-(Water)
Louis DeFeo Law-(All)
Style of Case Style of Case
Tracking No.  
Status Closed
Assigned Judge Keeling Ross
Assigned Attorney Thompson Kevin, Aslin Casi, Bretz Karen
Consolidated To  
Consolidated From
Appealed To

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Item No. Date Filed Title of Filing Filed on Behalf Of In Response to Item No.
534/25/2022Notice Closing FileCommission-(All)
523/16/2022Report and OrderCommission-(All)
513/10/2022Public Counsel’s Response to Recommended Report and Order Office of the Public Counsel-(All)
502/28/2022Notice of Recommended Report and OrderCommission-(All)
491/24/2022MAWC's Reply BriefMissouri-American Water Company-(Water)
481/24/2022Staff's Reply BriefMO PSC Staff-(All)
471/24/2022Complainants Reply BriefLouis DeFeo Law-(All)
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461/7/2022MAWC's Initial BriefMissouri-American Water Company-(Water)
451/7/2022Staff's BriefMO PSC Staff-(All)
441/7/2022Complainants Initial BriefLouis DeFeo Law-(All)

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