Case No. GC-2021-0353
Company Name(s) Spire Missouri, Inc.-Investor(Gas)
Clearwater Enterprises, L.L.C.-(All)
Style of Case Style of Case
Tracking No. GC-2021-0315, GC-2021-0316
Status Open
Assigned Judge Woodruff Morris
Assigned Attorney Myers Jamie
Consolidated To  
Consolidated From
Appealed To

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Item No. Date Filed Title of Filing Filed on Behalf Of In Response to Item No.
451/5/2022Non-Disclosure Agreements of William Casey Lee, Lesa Adair, Susan Starr, Stacy Williams, Kyle Pearson, Justin Clapper and Jeff PerrymanSymmetry Energy Solutions, LLC-(Gas)
441/3/2022Non-Disclosure Agreement of Justin PowersSpire Missouri, Inc.-Investor(Gas)
4312/31/2021Non-Disclosure Agreements of Matthew Aplington, Rachel Niemeier, George GodatSpire Missouri, Inc.-Investor(Gas)
4212/20/2021Direct Testimony of Andrew R. Fellon (Public, Confidential and Highly Confidential)Clearwater Enterprises, L.L.C.-(All)
4112/20/2021Direct Testimony of Jennifer Thompson (Public, Confidential and Highly Confidential)Clearwater Enterprises, L.L.C.-(All)
4012/20/2021Non-Disclosure Agreement of Jennifer ThompsonClearwater Enterprises, L.L.C.-(All)
3912/20/2021Non-Disclosure Agreement of Andrew FellonClearwater Enterprises, L.L.C.-(All)
3812/20/2021Non-Disclosure Agreement of Sarah MillerClearwater Enterprises, L.L.C.-(All)
3712/7/2021Certificate of Service - Amended Deposition NoticeClearwater Enterprises, L.L.C.-(All)
3612/3/2021Order Modifying Joint Procedural ScheduleCommission-(All)

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