Docket Sheet
EA-2015-0146 - Item 60
Item No.
Date Filed
10/21/2015 4:30 PM
Type of Filing
Testimony Issue
Testimony Sub-Issue
Testimony Sub-Issue 2
Title of Filing
Rebuttal Testimony of William E. Powers, P.E.
This filing is to meet a scheduled deadline for today
Response to Previous Filings
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powers_rebuttal testimony_final1.pdf 506.54 KB Public
pe-02_b powers resume.pdf 305.76 KB Public
pe-03_2014 ameren mo 2014 irp webpage summary.pdf 490.68 KB Public
pe-04_western us_rec value_doe data.pdf 80.94 KB Public
pe-05_doe_wind cost-of-production graphic_1980-2012.pdf 244.78 KB Public
pe-06_ameren mo_number customers by county.pdf 56.46 KB Public
pe-07_2014 ameren mo irp_chapter 3_load growth.pdf 140.97 KB Public
pe-08_mo partnership_wind resources demand_good map.pdf 520.74 KB Public
pe-09_ameren wind contract_102 mw-2.pdf 24.13 KB Public
pe-10_shuteye creek wind_300 mw_g578_final_sis_report.pdf 24.3 KB Public
pe-11_ktvo_shuteye creek terminated.pdf 51.47 KB Public
pe-12_nu dr 001 atxi response_schematic transmission map ne mo.pdf 313.37 KB Public
pe-13_atxi's responses to nu's 1st set drs.pdf 55.55 KB Public
pe-14_ameren mo-aeci_interconnection agreement.pdf 25.23 KB Public
pe-15_psc presentation_aeci overview w transmission map.pdf 368.85 KB Public
pe-16_nerc category a-d description_pp21-22.pdf 135.34 KB Public
pe-17_wecc white paper_list of lines recategorized from category c to d.pdf 27.05 KB Public
pe-18_miso_regional generation outlet study_excerpts.pdf 161.6 KB Public
pe-19_miso 2011_mvp reliability study_161 kv violations w-o mark twain.pdf 186.31 KB Public
pe-20_ctc global e-mails_accc 161 kv reconductor-2.pdf 145.37 KB Public
pe-21_shuteye creek wind_miso feasibility study_300 mw.pdf 63.38 KB Public
pe-22_bv_wecc_voltage regulation equipment cost.pdf 140.05 KB Public
pe-23_2011 ameren mo irp_chapter 7_dsm_dr starts in 2016.pdf 331.89 KB Public
pe-24_2014 ameren mo irp_chapter 8_dr not cost-effective.pdf 30.4 KB Public
pe-25_2014_doe wind power growth projection.pdf 338.59 KB Public
pe-26_actual average annual cfs_mo wind farms.pdf 11.65 KB Public
pe-27_2015 eia outlook_wind power costs increasing.pdf 94.5 KB Public
pe-28_nrel_solar pv price trends_p27.pdf 756.23 KB Public
pe-29_2013 local solar austin_solar dc-to-ac conversion.pdf 84.14 KB Public
pe-30_nrel_pvwatts_columbia mo_100 kw_1-axis.pdf 536.3 KB Public
pe-31_city of riverside approval_50 mw spower solar project 53.75-mwh.pdf 175.21 KB Public
pe-32_spower_10 mw_city of lancaster ppa 2015_54.99-mwh.pdf 27.98 KB Public
pe-33_city of riverside_powerpoint_solar price decline trend.pdf 124.52 KB Public
pe-34_gtm_lowest solar ever_5 cents kwh_austin energy.pdf 29.5 KB Public
pe-35_ferc 2014_electricity spot prices_miso indiana hub_48-mwh.pdf 717.37 KB Public
pe-36_greentech media_austin energy gets solar bids for less than 40-mwh.pdf 59.27 KB Public
pe-37_stl post-dispatch_ameren seeks to build 15 mw solar array along i-70.pdf 22.63 KB Public
pe-38_envr agency communications re bats_raptors_forests_streams_easements.pdf 2,329.33 KB Public
pe-39_cpuc_press release_approval sce 500 mw urban pv program.pdf 21.7 KB Public
powers affidavit.pdf 66.65 KB Public
Total: 40 file(s), 9,826.72 KB